Presents for the Animals

A kind and thoughtful 5 year old– ANYA — asked her Birthday Party guests to buy gifts for the animals instead of for herself. THANKS ANYA!!! Many gifts arrived for the animals- from our Amazon Wish List. It was an exciting week for us as the present trickled in.Read more

Rabbit joy!

The other day I was in the farmyard and observing our two rabbits, Betty and Jean. Occasionally, I will give them access to run around inside the whole barn where they are kept so they can get some exploring time before guests arrive. At this time, I see them hopping back and forth and sometimes they will jump in the air and twist. This behavior is associated with positivity and excitement. This behavior actually has a name and its calledRead more

Update: Jean is a pain in the…

Jean, as you know, has been confined to the Exam Room to recover from her injury. She’s been on over 3 weeks of cage rest and now she gets 3 weeks of some non-jumping floor time. She’s doing great. However, I come back to work from being off and read the following emails. The first from Jill, and the second from Katy. **************** Subject: Word to the wise Gave Jean Rabbit exercise in vet room this weekend and when IRead more

Last week’s medical procedures

A rough week it was: May 13:  X-rays for Jean, one of our Farmyard rabbits. She was found in the morning with her leg not quite right. We got her checked out by our vet, and x-rays indicated some dislocated metacarpals. After consulting with a surgeon, we decided to let her rest and see how things would progress (resting still in progress). May 23: Heart “zapping” (as we call it) for Kent. Kent’s been mostly out the past month, but returned andRead more

Have you met the new rabbits?

Forgot to tell you all– our new rabbits are done with their quarantine period and have moved into the rabbit stall and yard in the farmyard. The black one is Betty, and the tan one is Jean.  They are a bit skittish still, and we are working to get them  accustomed to being picked up and not bolting away from us when we go in to clean.  They aren’t related, but grew up together and will play with and chaseRead more