Update: Jean is a pain in the…

Jean, as you know, has been confined to the Exam Room to recover from her injury.

She’s been on over 3 weeks of cage rest and now she gets 3 weeks of some non-jumping floor time. She’s doing great.

However, I come back to work from being off and read the following emails. The first from Jill, and the second from Katy.


Subject: Word to the wise

Gave Jean Rabbit exercise in vet room this weekend and when I went to check my email in the vet room I noticed the mouse was not working. Then I noticed that rabbits love to chew on computer mice. So, point of this email….watch her when she exercises or put her in the playpen. Glad it was only the computer mouse and nothing major.


Subject: Jean

So I busted Jean chewing on more cords this morning so it is probably best to not let her have the vet room floor and put her in a playpen for exercise.


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  1. Lew says:

    When we had our pet rabbit, it chewed our cords and we constantly were encouraging him not to…they do that! My wife has a rabbit as a class pet and comes home with her computer cord frayed.

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