Black bears

Many times when I am in Explore the Wild I go the the Black Bear exhibit and will get an overall view of the exhibit. I do this mainly because I want to make sure I can get a clear view of all of the bears we have. We currently have 5. Below is a picture that I was able to snap that had 4 bears all in a line, Yona is the one that is missing.

Can you see all 4?

Sometimes, I overhear visitors saying they are “Brown Bears.” As you can see in the above picture, not all of the bears are fully black but they are indeed Black Bears. Black Bears actually have a variety of different colors but a majority of them are indeed black. Black Bears were named so by the early settlers when they saw mostly black colored bears in the east. As the people moved more and more to the west, they noticed that the  bears fur was browner in color. They thought they were a different specie of bear, but in fact they are the same.

So what colors and phases can they be?

American Black Bears can be :

Black of course







Photo:Sally King

Next time you are at the bear exhibit see if you can spot that our bears are shedding their fur in different colors.

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