The Need for Speed… and Rhinos…

Okay Sports fans, here it is.  Another great opportunity to come out and support your local most favoritest Zookeepers and have a blast at the same time.  Up and coming on the 29th of July keepers from the Museum, as well as Carolina Tiger Rescue and the Duke Lemur Center will be having a fundraiser to benefit Bowling for Rhinos a great organization that raises money every year to help save Rhinos and their habitats.  What kind of fundraiser, you ask?  Could it be bowling?  No!  Could it be selling Rhino Scout cookies? No!  This year, your local AAZK (American Association of Zookeepers) has slightly modified it into Racing for Rhinos!  That’s right my speed racing friends!  We’re going Go-Karting to raise money.  Oh the fun!

racing for rhinos flier – Click the link for a look at our snazzy flier!

Come and save cute baby rhinos!

We’ll be going to Rush Hour Karting on July 29th.  For every race that they sell between 7pm – 9 pm, half of the proceeds will be donated to your local chapter of the AAZK which we will then be donating to help save wild Rhinos.  It’s going to be a great night of fun, food and Racing!  Did I mention, the Karts go really fast?  Cause they do!  🙂

The address of Rush Hour Karting is 5335 Raynor Rd, Garner, NC 27529.  For more info, click here and it will take you to the Events section of our AAZK webpage.  Hope to see you there!  It’s going to be a blast!  Bring yourself, or some friends, (or a calzone for me) but come down and have a great time with us.  And save some Rhinos!  🙂

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