Come to the Dark Side…We have cookies

And so it just goes to show you what happens when an unsuspecting and seemingly innocent person leaves an opening for a little bit of evil to happen.  Sometimes it’s a computer left logged in, sometimes it’s a routine write up left open to be modified.  And in this case, it was a locker left casually ajar…  All I can say is Mwah ha ha! 

In all fairness, much worse stuff could have been loaded into the locker…

To be fair, this is when Aaron had first started, and of course we wanted to make sure he felt welcomed and accepted  🙂

See? It's a sign of acceptance into our herd, pride, pod, gaggle... whatever...



Ah, that silly Aaron! Keeping bowling pins in his locker! Will he never learn?












Just in case one was hiding still…
This little bit of evil brought to you by the Letter E, the Number 6, and the Keepers Mikey & Jill.  Until next time kids, keep working on your villainous laugh!  Mwah ha ha!  🙂
Nothing makes the day like a happy Aaron!



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  1. Sherry Samuels says:

    Readers: any guesses why we have so many bowling pins?

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