What a prize!

If you visit the museum often, you will soon notice the “new” yellow horse trailer sitting at the entrance of the farmyard. The trailer is not new literally, but it is new to us!  And it was actually given to us as a donation after keeper Sarah did lots of searching on line and in the papers.

We have never had a trailer of this size, but now that we do it will open up a world of opportunities for us to transport our large hoofstock to veterinary facilities or for other animal transfers. The trailer needed a few repairs, and a new paint job, before it could be moved to the farmyard. But now that we have it back from being painted, the farmyard animals will soon start being trained to walk into the trailer and, eventually, travel in it.

The trailer is sitting across from the donkey and goat yard, so they already have the chance to look at it daily and get accustomed to it. According to Sherry, she’s never seen Lightning’s ears move in so many different directions as what they did when he was watching this trailer being moved in!

The fence to the donkey and goat yard is in the background.



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