A bowl full of mashed chow and banana…


…Helps the medicine go down!

Keeper Jill wrote a post “Time for your medicine” about all the tricks we use to get animals to take their medicine. She posted pictures of the Red Ruffed Lemurs taking some meds.

The Ring Tailed Lemurs aren’t so easy! But I found a very easy mix of mashed lemur chow and banana that seems to mask their dewormer enough for them to eat it.


Here's the mashed chow
Add mashed banana
Add the dewormer
Mix it all together

 Cross your fingers and hope they eat it all 

Cassandra (in front) and Satyrus eating their dewormer mix
Lycus eating his dewormer mix



2 responses to A bowl full of mashed chow and banana…

  1. leslie says:

    My dog had to take a liquid dewormer once. I mixed it with cooked mashed liver. It smelled awful but he loved it! I’ve learned a lot about how to enrich my dog’s life through the keeper blog!

  2. betty linkenhoker says:

    now you can teach me how to give misty our dog a pill lol

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