What’s In Your Pocket?

It’s always fun to put on my winter coat each year just so I can see what I have in my pockets from the previous winter. Most of the time I have syringes, urine tubes, paper cups, fecal sticks, sharpies and gloves in my pockets just in case I need them while I’m out and about. Yesterday I put on my winter coat and this is what I found! Apparently I was trying to get a fecal on someone.  LooksRead more

Zoe Keeps Katy Company

In the Animal Department most of the keepers share an office. It is crazy to think, but we cram 6 keepers into 1 office! Sherry has her own office, but she has a window and her office opens into the Keeper office so she is always around much activity. Aaron has his own office, but it also has a window. For me I get to spend my time in the lonely Vet room without a window and without companionship soRead more

A bowl full of mashed chow and banana…

  …Helps the medicine go down! Keeper Jill wrote a post “Time for your medicine” about all the tricks we use to get animals to take their medicine. She posted pictures of the Red Ruffed Lemurs taking some meds. The Ring Tailed Lemurs aren’t so easy! But I found a very easy mix of mashed lemur chow and banana that seems to mask their dewormer enough for them to eat it.    Cross your fingers and hope they eat it all Read more