What’s In Your Pocket?

It’s always fun to put on my winter coat each year just so I can see what I have in my pockets from the previous winter. Most of the time I have syringes, urine tubes, paper cups, fecal sticks, sharpies and gloves in my pockets just in case I need them while I’m out and about. Yesterday I put on my winter coat and this is what I found!

Winter Coat PocketsApparently I was trying to get a fecal on someone.  Looks like someone was getting AAA ointment as a treatment and I must have gotten someone’s temperature too! At some point I was in the Farmyard since I still had treats for them in my pocket. The candy canes are mostly for me, but they also make great bonus treats for Lightning the donkey when he is being a really good boy!

What do you carry in your pockets???

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