Spotlight: Jessica Culbertson

Happy 6-month anniversary Jessi! She’s  made it through probation and working her first closed holiday. Jessi is the first Keeper at the Museum who went to school to specifically be a zoo keeper. She also interned with us in spring 2011- read about her from way back then, back when she was a tattoo-less student intern (or at least much-less-tattooed).

She’s quite, thoughtful, diligent, and quite tough. I think she carries three pocket knives on her belt (I haven’t quite figured that one out yet. Can Vegans carry three knives at a time?)
Here’s what her co-workers have to say about her (at least what I can share on the Blog):
She’s a super fast learner. Loyal and direct- she’s not about gossiping or bu##sh*t. She’s got a great sense of humor. A wine connoisseur.  She has a great memory, and cannot stand the color pink.
Jessi diligently writing notes
When I have done training with her she has never hesitated once to ask me to check a lock or question my actions (sometimes as part of training I purposefully forget to do something to see what my trainee will do). Never. Very few people have always spoken up. Speaking truth to power is a mighty respectable trait!

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