That is one of the most popular words I hear being shouted by children as they watch one of the farmyard animals defecate. But, hey…. we all “do” it. There is that popular book entitled Everyone Poops (that just so happens to be sold in our gift shop) that explains how everyone and everything capable can and will poop.

Poop, can actually be an animal keepers best friend. Now, I don’t go to the movies with a scoop of Scout scat. I just mean that we keepers can tell A LOT about an animal just by looking at its poop.What its eating, if its dehydrated,if they have worms are just some of the benefits of getting close to poo!

In the near future I will be posting some more about poop and will be posting some pics for you guys to identify what animal it came out of!

Don’t get too excited.


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