Back to the Farmyard

It has been awhile since I was last in the FarmyardAll the changes that the animal department has had for the past few months has kept me in Explore the Wild most of the time.  Last week, I got to go back to the Farmyard.  It was great to see all of the farmyard animals and catch myself up on the duties of farmyard keeping.

Keeper Jill helped me reacquaint myself with the Farmyard tasks plus gave me some tips on time management when it comes to getting tasks completed.  Getting this information is vital when keeping in the Farmyard since there is a lot to do in the mornings.  Now that I got a refresher in the Farmyard, you should see me there most Fridays.

After lunch, I went up to the Farmyard and checked on all of the animals.  Once done with the tasks,  I was walking by the Alpacas and saw this…


Ray on top of the mountain.

Ray looked very stoic with the sunlight in her hair but the picture does not do her justice.  So, come by the farmyard and hopefully you will see Ray on the mountain.


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