Early Morning Walk

Lightning and I don’t always have enough time first thing in the morning to make the long walk out to Explore the Wild, but when we do, it’s always worth the trek.

Lightning and I walk on a service path behind the train tracks and meet the moss cattle and deer that inhabit the train pasture
Next, we walk down the paths in Explore the Wild and say, “Good Morning” to the wolves.


Then, we stop in at the Bear House and check on Jessi and Autumn…we might have stolen some of Jessi’s breakfast…


Lightning goes for a walk every day, as do most of our farmyard animals. Even the pigs and Max! So next time you’re here, if you come by the farmyard and don’t see your favorite furry (or feathered) critter it’s probably a good thing, they’re likely out enjoying the sunshine in the company of a keeper.

4 responses to Early Morning Walk

  1. CVdB says:

    This could be the start of a good children’s book–“A Donkey’s Day”…Lightning certainly gets into mischief (stealing radios, snitching food…)

  2. Libby says:

    I had no idea the animals went for regular walks…thanks for sharing!

  3. Sarah Van de Berg says:

    Absolutely, Libby!

    Walks are an important way for animals to get exercise, explore new places, sights and sounds, and to spend some time bonding with their keepers.

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