Wolf changes…

You know our male wolf, 1414, died unexpectedly about one month ago. Today was the day our new male red wolf arrived. His studbook number is 1784 and he is the son of our beloved 1414. He sired three pups this past year while at the NCSU College of Veterinary medicine. (Yup, they are a cooperator and part of the Red Wolf SSP program too). We’ll post photos of him soon.



1287poolgregToday was also the day that 1287, our female red wolf, was euthanized. She was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease prior to coming to the Museum four years ago. For the most part her condition has been managed reasonably well, but in the recent months we were noticing more runny stool and undigested food. The decision to euthanize her was determined at the Red Wolf SSP meeting, given her deteriorating health condition along with the needs for the species as a whole. (In the next few weeks a new female, 1794, will be arriving from the Lincoln Park Zoo. We’ll write more about 1794 soon as well).

I’ve worked with about 20 red wolves at the Museum. Transitions are hard with animals we grow to love, respect, enjoy, value, or just plan old get used to. 1287 was a great old wolf, a valued member of the Museum family, and contributed offspring to the SSP program with one litter back in 2005.

Below are links to some blog posts that I have been looking at as I remember her:

1287’s arrival at the Museum.

Video of 1287 burying food

1287’s breeding efforts (with 1369, 1414)

Ranger Greg’s photos





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  1. lorib says:

    Sad news. But we’re so excited for the new breeding pair to get together!

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