Wolf changes…

You know our male wolf, 1414, died unexpectedly about one month ago. Today was the day our new male red wolf arrived. His studbook number is 1784 and he is the son of our beloved 1414. He sired three pups this past year while at the NCSU College of Veterinary medicine. (Yup, they are a cooperator and part of the Red Wolf SSP program too). We’ll post photos of him soon.     Today was also the day that 1287,Read more

Goodbyes are always hard but this one stings

Tuesday was as bad a day as they come. Our male red wolf died, unexpectedly. Everything was going as planned for his annual physical, however Dr. Vanderford had concerns about his abdomen distention during the exam.  We transported him for further testing which revealed a twisted stomach and bowel, also known as Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV). The condition is categorized as an extreme emergency and often carries a poor prognosis. His condition deteriorated very rapidly and by the time he gotRead more

Wolf on the table

October is wolf physical month. This is the one time of year we get our hands on the wolves and check them out. We were particularly looking forward to getting the male, 1414, on the table. He is huge (almost 80 pounds) and he came to us with a growth on the side of his body that we wanted to look at and remove. Since 1414 arrived in November 2012, this was our first experience with him for a physical.Read more