Engineering Project follow-up

Our two student teams from Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering are in their final push to finish their projects. Both teams are focusing on enrichment feeders for the bulls, Dallas and Dusty.

One team is making a scatter feeder, while the other team plans to have hay boxes open for feeding when motion sensors are set off.

It will be exciting to see how everything fleshes out!

Alicia, Megan, and Margaret present their project to their classmates
Animal Care Specialist Chris met with the team after their presentation. Counterclockwise, starting with Chris, then Alicia, Margaret, Jessie, Grace, and Megan
Chris talks with students after their presentation to the class about their project (Alexa, Alex, Rob, and Nick). This team is working on a scatter feeder. Alex, Nick, and Alexa presented their team’s project to the class.

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