Today’s vet checks

We had a really busy, but successful morning with Dr. Vanderford today for Vet Rounds.

The muskrat and all three salamanders received their physicals, and Mocha and Latte, our education rabbits, had their teeth checked and trimmed. The muskrat and rabbits were sedated for their checks, while the salamanders were wide awake for their work.

Everyone is up and awake and back to their homes and I will spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning up 🙂

Dr Vanderford getting a heart rate and respiration count on Tennille, our muskrat. Rachel works with Dr. Vanderford at Duke and came along for today’s work.

Rachel, giving fluids to the muskrat during her physical

Eye lube going in to Latte’s eyes. Dr. Vanderford getting ready with her tray of “teeth tools”

Hard to notice the salamander in Dr. Vanderford’s hand, but she’s in there.

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