The End of May

It’s the last day of May. Kind of crazy to think about what the last three months have been like. Although not ideal, nor anyone’s preference, we’ve settled into a routine here.

The gifts keep coming: (click here for our wish list)

Thanks to “Wolf Sarah” for sending some enrichment for Ellerbe and Eno.
Here’s Wolf Sarah talking with guests at our wolf habitat last summer. I can’t wait to have people visit again and see the wolves!

Virginia continues to get her laser treatment:

Janine asks Virginia to TURN (notice the blurry right hand?)
and Virginia starts to listen and turn. Well done Virginia (and Janine)

The Team spends lunch time, and lots of other time too, with Lightning:

Lightning distracting Shayna from her lunch. Jordan looks like she’s eating something tasty. If I were there, I’d be sitting in the shade like Rob.

We continue to stay diligent in keeping ourselves and the animals as safe and well as possible. Don’t forget, part of staying well is finding something that makes you happy. It can be the smallest thing. Today, when I went to grab gloves in the Bear House, I was pleasantly startled by this little one.

Check out the box of gloves, or shall I say the empty box of gloves

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