Memorial Day Weekend Activities

What could one do this Memorial Day Weekend? Hum…. so many choices, the best one being safe and staying well. At the Museum here’s a few things on my list:

Go for a drive.

My reminder to go to the parking deck and drive the vans so they are ready when needed. I also took Farmyard fans to storage so they are ready to deploy as needed this summer.

Spend time with friends, outdoors.

Wayne, from our Facilities Team, with Rob and I, dealt with some trees growing too close to the wolf fence.

As they finished cutting, the skies opened up. Rain and a bit of thunder made for an awfully wet hauling off of limbs. (Remember, we’re not letting brush piles sit around anymore of fear we get guests)

Our Chainsaw protocols require two approved users, with appropriate safety gear… and now a mask too!

Maybe even a boat ride!

Heading out into the Wetland to deal with clean up and other not-so-fun tasks.

Wish you were here at the Museum, but hope you are having some good times elsewhere.

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