An Emotional Week

We invited people back to the Museum this week. Campers arrived Monday, and Members arrived starting Tuesday (online ticketing only). Everything is very thoughtful, limited, and as safe as possible. It’s been almost 4 months without guests here, working quite a bit, and a whirlwind of emotions throughout the period. (I am sure everyone is having their own roller-coaster ride since March!)

Safety is critical for the team. Safety and good welfare of the humans are the only way we can tend to the welfare and safety of the critters. For Camp, we’re still doing virtual programs, and we brought back Super Mandy to lead them.

Mandy, with Hayden, will be leading all animal programs this summer. Do you think Ichabod is enjoying his screen time with the campers?

We usually have many different people handling animals for programs. However in Covid-19 times, we’re limiting access to the animal areas and making sure we have only a few different people working with the animals. Mandy and Hayden are perfect for this job, along with Steve. The three of them can take care of it all!

We have a few different strategies when it comes to the Farmyard and animal safety. Distancing (just like with each other) and communication are the key needs. I’m so proud of what our team came up with:

In terms of distancing, we all know how excited people are to see Lightning (and it’s likely reciprocal). In order to keep some distancing we added some cables that encourage us all to keep off the fences.

Gypsy and Lightning noshing on hay a few minutes after we opened yesterday.
Dusty and Dallas dining in the distance.

It is also critical that we let people know the what, and why. We’re a science Museum, so it should be no surprise that we’re following the science. Here are a couple of signs in the Farmyard that explain just that.

One Health is critical for everyone!

Everyday is about staying safe and well, and taking care of each other’s needs– non-human and human alike. Covid-19 just adds another layer to the important work we’re doing.

4 responses to An Emotional Week

  1. Camp Katie says:

    Yay! Glad you were able to reopen and hope things continue to go well! Sending positive and safe, healthy thoughts to everyone!

  2. Margaret Bilyard says:

    I’m sure the animals missed the visitors. What enrichment activities did the animal caregivers do for all this time. It would be great to project this to the visitors also!

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      Great question Margaret. Animal Caregivers have been working diligently through the entire closure, working regular, even extended hours. Our regular routine includes daily enrichment. The Farmyard animals got most of the extra enrichment: Lightning got extra walks (twice daily); the team ate lunch in the farmyard whenever weather permitted (extra time with animals)

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