Pig Physicals Complete

Miss Piggy and Auggie received their annual physical and a clean bill of health from Dr. Mozzachio, who was in checking on our twosome recently. Their annual physical consists of a Rabies vaccine, hoof trimming, teeth check, ear and eye cleaning, and general body assessment.

Everything, for both pigs, is wnl (within normal limits), and diet and supplements are to continue as is.

I am a huge fan of the pig sling. Makes treating the pigs much easier, which is quicker and safer for everyone involved. Check out the photos below from Dr. Mozzachio’s visit

The sling rests on the ground and the pigs are encouraged to walk on it. Once in the right position, you roll the sling up. The pig’s feet hand through the holes.
The pigs tend to be fairly calm in this position. You can see Dr. Mozzachio has easy access to the hooves, and a patient who is still and calm.
Chris is there to scratch the back and feed snacks to the pigs. Seems pretty sweet to me!

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