Update from the Week.

I got some non-desk time this week. This meant, lots of clothes, bandanas and masks to sweat through. However it also meant some good times and sights to be had.

I did a great virtual Summer Camp program with Steve, David, and the Farmyard Critters.

Steve, with our Red tailed hawk, Misha. Misha is at least 30 years old and could be much older than that.
We had 35 campers join us for the first program, and 25 for for the second. David, on the right, had tired arms after holding the tablet up for an hour!
We talked with the campers about all sorts of things, including about BROWSE. We have a list of what plants are approved for what animals to eat. Retro is eating Autumn Olive.

I also did a bunch of weed-eating, and clearing unwanted plant growth from a few areas. While working at Bear Overlook, the bears treated me with a visit. I sooooooo wanted to be where Mimi was:

Can you see her?
How ’bout now?
Gus, front, and Yona, in the rear, did not go in the pools while I was there.
A wet Mimi came closer after her time under the waterfall.

My additional moments of happiness to share with you come in several packages. First, literally, I got a package of disinfecting wipes which I was able to share with others in need. Second, my daughter came back with 184 golf balls after walking up Ellerbe Creek. I think she plans to do this activity regularly. We now have a large box sitting in the center of our hall at home that I have only walked into once (so far).

Finally, I caught Ranger Brooke putting on winter gear to do some organizing in the walk-in freezer. I love going in to the walk-in freezer to cool off and I cannot imagine putting a winter coat on right now. It made me chuckle (and also checked a needed project off the list!)

Brooke with winter coat heading in to the freezer

Stay safe, please, for yourself, those important to you, those important to other people, and those who need us to behave responsibly to keep them safe.

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