R.I.P. Chandler

We said goodbye to our beloved opossum, Chandler, Friday night. We noticed over the past week that he was not his usual self. (I.e. not interested as much in food, some “coughing”, or deep abdominal breathing, and generally having a harder time getting settled). Upon exam, he had a prevalent heart murmur, and further assessment late Friday confirmed heart issues. So, with a heavy heart, the decision was made to euthanize him.

At just shy of 3 years old, he was pretty ancient in ‘possum years. Most people met Chandler when he was out on education programs, or on our social media posts. He was quite the star and favorite of so many.

A few favorite photos below to remember Chandler


One of Chandler’s favorite sleeping containers
one of the cutest sleepers ever.

It was only a few weeks ago that I left the door open to the office when Chandler was roaming the hall for exercise. First, I heard him– he’s a very loud sniffer! Then he came trucking into my office as if he were on a mission. I love this photo of his profile… seeing a tailless opossum is now normal for me.

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