Guest Blogger Jill talks about our Reuse/Recycle Project

Previously, I wrote a post about a company called Terracycle that allows us to send them items that normally can’t be recycled in this area and get money in return. I am here again to let you know the progress of the program and reiterate how you can help the animal department. Since May, we have collected about $25.00 worth of recycled products. I know this doesn’t sound like a huge amount of money but every little bit helps andRead more

Put YOUR pouch to good use

!!!Guest Blogger Keeper Jill!!! Opossums use their pouch to carry their young, but we can put your pouches to a good use too! Recently, the animal department has teamed up with TERRACYCLE implementing a recycling program. TERRACYCLE takes items that normally can’t be recycled and re-uses them. That benefits the environment and the animal department, because for each item that we recycle, the department gets money. Here’s how it works: Drink Pouches– remove straw,cut the tops off and rinse outRead more