Guest Blogger Jill talks about our Reuse/Recycle Project

Previously, I wrote a post about a company called Terracycle that allows us to send them items that normally can’t be recycled in this area and get money in return. I am here again to let you know the progress of the program and reiterate how you can help the animal department.
Since May, we have collected about $25.00 worth of recycled products. I know this doesn’t sound like a huge amount of money but every little bit helps and it’s a good way to reuse these products.
I have included picturesfrom the Terracycle website of some items that are acceptable or unacceptable:

Yogurt Containers
Terracycle uses these containers to make flower pots. They only collect 6 oz and 32 oz wide mouth containers. We get 2 cents for the 6 oz and 5 cents for the 32 oz.
These cups cannot be wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. They must be cleaned before being dropped off.
Energy Bar Wrappers

Terracycle uses these wrappers to make bags. We get 2 cents per wrapper.
Any energy bar or granola bar wrapper can be submitted however, candy wrappers are not accepted.
If you decide to donate your wrappers please open carefully at the top so that all the wrappers that are sent can be used for making bags.
Drink Pouches

Like energy bar wrappers, these pouches can be made into bags. We receive 1 to 2 cent each.

In order to accept these bags, straws should be removed, the tops should be cut off and the pouch rinsed out.



Any of these items that you would like to bring to the museum can be dropped off at the front desk with the bag labeled ANIMAL DEPARTMENT. Please make sure all items are clean.
Thanks for all your support and I will provide you all with an update next year.

2 responses to Guest Blogger Jill talks about our Reuse/Recycle Project

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m all for a fundraiser and recycling. I haven’t visited the museum in a long time, but maybe you should put out recycling bins for us visitors. I thought it was terrible I had to throw out plastic bottles I didn’t want to carry home with me to recycle. Isn’t the museum supposed to be helping us learn to care for the environment? Not a good way to set an example.

  2. Sherry says:

    Dear Anonymous:Thank for your comments about recycling at the museum. We support your point. A few years ago we installed a generous offering of recycling containers throughout the museum grounds for plastic and metal containers.They were not however placed indoors because food or drink is not permitted inside for concern of insect and mess control. An exception to this of course is at the Café where one may recycle. In spite of our no-food-indoors desire, we find that it still happens (usually for the wanting hungry toddler), and we therefore are in the process of making recycling available in the indoor environments for this purpose.

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