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!!!Guest Blogger Keeper Jill!!!

Opossums use their pouch to carry their young, but we can put your pouches to a good use too! Recently, the animal department has teamed up with TERRACYCLE implementing a recycling program. TERRACYCLE takes items that normally can’t be recycled and re-uses them. That benefits the environment and the animal department, because for each item that we recycle, the department gets money. Here’s how it works:

Drink Pouches– remove straw,cut the tops off and rinse out any drink pouch(not boxes). These include brands like CAPRI-SUN, KOOL-AID, and HONEST KIDS.

Yogurt Containers– rinse out 6 oz. or 32 oz. plastic wide mouth yogurt containers. These can include brands like STONEYFIELD FARMS, DANNON, BROWN COW, BREYERS etc…

Energy Bar Wrappers– Even these wrappers can be recycled. Any energy bar wrapper is acceptable (please no candy wrappers). These include brands like CLIFF, LUNA, POWER BAR, KASHI and BALANCE.

Drop these items off at the front desk in a bag labeled ANIMAL DEPARTMENT. We will then ship them back to TERRACYCLE and collect the money for them 2 times a year. Every little bit adds up and goes towards buying things like enrichment items, toys, supplies and even yogurt for our opossums!

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  1. Larry says:

    The program only takes the 6 and 32oz. If you have a few of the 24 oz we can probably reuse them for animal stuff but we can’t deal with dozens of them.You can bring them to the front desk and ask them to radio the Animal Dept.Please clean them first 🙂

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