Keeping the animals warm

Well, the cold weather is officially here! I took some pictures of a couple of the new things we have done this season to help keep our farmyard animals warm. To the right you can see pig stretched out under his warm heat lamp in the stall where he sleeps at night. Also, you may recall a post about Nimbus‘s new winter box that we were building. We finished it weeks ago and it is complete with insulated walls andRead more

A winter box for Nimbus

We tend to keep busy in the animal department, whether we are doing our regular daily tasks or working on projects such as the new duck yard or the outside exercise area. Right now we are trying to complete a winter box for our farmyard rabbit, Nimbus. She used to live in a rabbit hutch that had things like a fan and a heat lamp built into it, so that we could keep her cool in the summer and warmRead more