A winter box for Nimbus

We tend to keep busy in the animal department, whether we are doing our regular daily tasks or working on projects such as the new duck yard or the outside exercise area. Right now we are trying to complete a winter box for our farmyard rabbit, Nimbus. She used to live in a rabbit hutch that had things like a fan and a heat lamp built into it, so that we could keep her cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However, now that she has been moved to a larger area that includes an outside yard and an inside stall, we have been working on ways to add these necessities to her space while still making it safe for her and aesthetically pleasing to visitors. For any of you here in the summer, you might have seen the large box fan that we had hanging up in her yard. We had to place the fan in a way that it wouldn’t be exposed to rain and Nimbus couldn’t chew on the wires, all while keeping it as inconspicuous as possible to visitors.

It is crucial for us to keep Nimbus warm in the winter, because rabbits should not be exposed to extreme temperatures without having something to help warm them up or cool them down. During the coldest times of winter, this box will be accessible to her while she’s on exhibit during the day, and wheeled inside at night for her to sleep in. We are insulating the walls to keep the warmth in, and building a heat pad into the floor (which is less hazardous than a heat bulb). Of course, we have to keep all these things out of reach of Nimbus, because rabbits chew on almost anything. When it’s all done, her winter box will be warm enough to keep any rabbit content!

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