Spotlight: Dr. Thea Staab

I first met Thea Staab in May 1997. She walked into my office for an interview to be an animal keeper. As any good graduating senior would do for an interview, she was in her business dress: not something very common for those applying to be animal keepers. But she stood out then, both to the keepers who laughed at her dress and to me who was impressed by her interest in animals, demeanor, and apparent good work ethic (which I have since learned was and is a phenomenal work ethic).
After two years of working as an animal keeper at the Museum, I was sad to lose Thea to veterinary school. It turns out that while the Museum lost Thea the animal keeper, we gained Thea Staab, DVM!
Dr. Staab has now been working with us as a veterinarian for a few years. We’re lucky to have her for a variety of reasons: first, she loves working with exotics. Second, she knows us and our animals, and third, she works cheap! (which might sound silly but with money being tight in a not-for-profit every bit of help we can get is important). In fact, Dr. Staab still donates some of her time with us.
She was here recently for red wolf physicals. In the photo you can see her checking out Godzilla, one of our bearded dragons. We owe a lot to Dr. Staab and could not take as good care of our animals without her.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    I like this post on Thea. It says very nice things and brings a feeling of us having a real connection with our vets.

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