The tale of the pig and the duck

Once upon a time there was a pig that lived at the town’s local museum. His home was in a farmyard and he had neighbors such as sheep and goats that lived there, too. Pig lived with his good friend Goose, but one day she passed away of old age. Pig became confused by not having Goose with him anymore, so Pig’s caretakers decided he needed a new bird companion. They decided on a muscovy duck, so they went and got a little muscovy duck egg. The caretakers kept the duck egg warm and safe until finally one day the egg hatched and out came a tiny yellow duckling!

When the fluffy little duckling was big enough, he and Pig were introduced. “This is your new home, ducky,” said the caretakers, and the little duckling splashed around in his new pool! “This is your new companion, Pig,” said the caretakers, and Pig walked over to check out the little yellow ball of feathers. They became fast friends, and soon the little ducky was following Pig everywhere around the farmyard and introducing himself to the neighbors.

Time went by, and eventually the little duckling was a big adult duck. Pig and Duck spent most of their time hanging out together, and even slept in the same stall together. But as Duck got older, he became a bit grumpy. He wasn’t as easy to get along with as he was when he was younger. Pig was getting older, too, and wasn’t willing to tolerate Duck’s grumpiness. Eventually, Pig and Duck started quarreling, and the caretakers were worried about Duck’s safety since he was much smaller than Pig. The only solution was to separate them, because they didn’t seem to want each other’s company anymore.

So the caretakers set out to build Duck his own home. They worked on his new yard for weeks and were able to give him a bigger deeper pool than before. When the caretakers were finally finished, Duck moved in to his new home. Then Pig and Duck both had their own space and the caretakers lived happily ever after knowing they had helped them!The End. 

6 responses to The tale of the pig and the duck

  1. viridari says:

    Ahhh my kids were wondering why the duck was no longer with the pig.Now I have a nice story to tell them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    But now the pig is alone again! So is he going to get another duck? or goose? Does the pig want another companion, or is he fed up (or just cranky) after the last one?

  3. Marilyn says:

    Thanks for your questions, Anonymous. We do not have current plans to get Pig a new companion because he is doing well by himself. Originally, we replaced his old companion, Goose, because he seemed disoriented after she passed away. However, pig has not shown any signs of having problems living on his own at this time. We will continue to monitor his behavior, as we do all of our animals, to keep track of any changes he may need in the future.

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