Farmyard Physicals

On Saturday Dr. Mozzachio and Dr. Cannedy came to the Museum for what we call the “farmyard physicals”. This happens every April and October. All the large mammals in the farmyard were checked out, given vaccines, had their hooves trimmed if needed, and their diets and enrichment were reviewed. Pig is hanging in a specially made pig-sling. Dr. Mozzachio, a pot-bellied pig specialist, took great care of him, cleaning around his eyes and giving him treats to keep him content while she worked. He delicately ate a piece of cereal from one of her hands while her other hand used “Q-tips” to clean around his eyes.

Below, Katy is holding one of our ewes while Dr. Cannedy and one of his veterinary students trim her hooves. Holding a sheep this way is an easy way to get them to hold still for a variety of procedures. The next photo shows Dr. Cannedy giving the sheep some dewormer using a piller. The pill goes in the long tube and then that goes into the sheep’s mouth, keeping human fingers safe from sheep teeth!

Somewhere under Erin and Katy is Lightning, our donkey. Dr. Cannedy is getting blood and giving vaccines. Lightning needed a bit of holding at first to calm down, but he eventually did.
Fecal samples were taken from every animal. Looking at poop through a microscope can tell us if an animal has certain parasites or mites. I think we have some photos of what we have some on the slides: look for a future post with those photos- it’s really cool what you can see through a microscope.

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