Creature Feature: Red Wolf Surgery Part 2

This video is the second part of a three part series. Watch the first video here.
WARNING: This video contains graphic images of surgical procedures that may not be appropriate for all viewers.

In yesterday’s post, I said that I would tell you more about red wolf #1227 for the second part of the video. However, we received the pathology report yesterday afternoon, and I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to share the results with you. So I will talk more about #1227 in the final part of the video tomorrow.

The mass was a type of soft tissue sarcoma called a Hemangiopericytoma. This means the mass was, in fact, cancerous. These sarcomas are typically seen on the limbs, or more often the hock region, of dogs. However, these sarcomas are considered “low-grade”, which means they rarely metastasize or spread to other parts of the body. But they do tend to reoccur locally, so there is a chance that another mass will appear on her chest again at some point.

For right now, #1227 is doing very well and her quality of life is excellent. In the meantime, we are consulting with oncologists, our veterinarians, and members of the red wolf species survival plan (SSP) to figure out the best course of action from here. We will keep you posted as we learn more about our options and figure out our next steps.

7 responses to Creature Feature: Red Wolf Surgery Part 2

  1. Leiana says:

    wow guys, these new videos are fantastic. it's great to have the blog site so that i can keep track of what's going on with the Museum even though i'm away. definitely post more video and details. i can't wait to see.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This video was very informative, not only about the surgery but also about the red wolf population at the museum. Thank you for sharing such valuable information. I will use your website more frequently as I was unaware until recently that you had such information available about such a variety of animals.Thank you,Angela Staab

  3. Rissy says:

    What a great video blog, it was interesting watching the surgery. The vet did a great job explaining the process and her goals and concerns for each step of the procedure. Thanks MLS Animal Department. I look forward to watching your next blog.Mars

  4. Iris says:

    Great information and presentation! I'm anxious now to know the test results. I'll be coming back to the site and spreading the word!

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