Creature Feature: Red Wolf Surgery Part 3

This video is the third and final part of a three part series. Watch the first and second part or see all three in the same video.
Well, a lot has happened with red wolf #1227 in the last week or so. Yesterday’s video showed you the procedure of the mass being removed, and today’s video will allow you to see what happened to #1227 after the surgery and how she is doing now.

#1227 arrived at the museum in November of 2008. Before coming here, she lived at the Texas Zoo for three years where she was paired up with another male red wolf in hopes that they would have pups. Unfortunately, that never happened. So the Red Wolf SSP decided to match her with a different male (#1369) here at the museum. These two red wolves are considered to be valuable genetically, so it would be great if they successfully bred together. That did not happen this year, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for next year!

We were told about some of #1227’s behaviors by the keepers at the Texas Zoo when she came to us. Apparently, she was known for running off with the keepers’ tools if they were left unattended with the keepers in the exhibit. Although she hasn’t done that with us, she is much more bold than the male and will come within 15 feet of us while we are in the exhibit. She is very curious about what we are doing and what sort of enrichment we might have for her! In the morning, when she hears us drive up, she will run down to the viewing area to see if we have anything for her. She is also a bug chaser, which is quite amusing to watch (you may even see a bit of that in part 3 of the video). She has been a very enjoyable wolf to have, and her funny behaviors make us all smile!

You can come by and visit her at the museum to see how she is doing. We will also post updates on the blog with whatever actions we might take in the future with her.

2 responses to Creature Feature: Red Wolf Surgery Part 3

  1. Leiana says:

    you guys are awesome. marilyn, remember when you told me you didn't like speaking for an audience?! clearly you were made for it. this video series was fantastic.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent series of videos. The surgical explanations added greatly to the video of the surgery. The medical staff is to be commended. I also have enjoyed the blog updates by Marilyn, which adds to the story of this red wolf.

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