Thanks everyone for all your nice thoughts about Pig. I’ve worked out in the farmyard twice now since last Thursday, and it’s been weird without him there.

One of my favorite stories about Pig happened around this time a few years ago, when we got a huge truckload of pumpkins donated to us. We didn’t have much room to store them, so kept them right behind our fence in the farmyard where we keep all of our tools. We knew they would keep outside in the cold, and this way we could give Pig a pumpkin every other day or so. Keepers go in and out of this door a lot during the course of the morning, and one morning there were several of us working in the farmyard together. Well, someone accidentally left the fence door open, and Pig, who used to wander around the farmyard before visitors arrived, found his way in there. By the time the keepers realized it, we found Pig in the middle of this vast pumpkin pile, seeds and pumpkin bits scattered everywhere! There were random single bites out of various pumpkins, and Pig laid there, entirely exhausted from his feast! Needless to say he did not get anymore pumpkins for a few days! It still makes me laugh to think about it.

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