QuikPost: Snow Day

We’re closed. Lots of snow on grounds. Probably around 5-6 inches at this point with more coming. Keepers Cassidy (and her boyfriend Trace), Erin, and Larry made it in- yay!

Gus and Mimi bear looked cozy in the cave, Ursula bear was covered in snow. Yona was fine and dandy. Auggie and Duck did a bunch of wandering around in the snow in the farmyard. By far, Max the steer seemed to be enjoying the day the most. He was running up and down his yard, kicking up is back legs, and mooing!

Click here to see some photos. (thanks Larry for getting the photos up quick!)

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  1. ktraphagen says:

    Looks like the animals are having as much fun in the snow as I am. Hope you dedicated keepers get something warm to drink when you are done!

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