Winter Wonderland

Hey everyone, I hope you’ve all had great snow days. There’s still a good bit of snow outside here that you can come see (we’re open even though schools aren’t–although some of the outside is still closed because of ice), but I have more pictures of the fresh snow that Cassidy took on Saturday.

Here’s a video of the drive from the building up to the top of the boardwalk in the fresh and falling snow:

That’s Larry and Sherry driving in the other vehicle. The video stops there because Cassidy had to get out to check on Virginia up on the cliff (her boyfriend, Trace, was taking the video, and I was working inside). Up on the cliff of the bear exhibit is a place called The Pit. It’s basically a pit that the bears like to sleep in. It’s Virginia’s favorite hangout. Here she is all snow covered:

You can tell that her coat is effective at keeping her body heat in because her body heat is not escaping and melting the snow on the outside of her coat. Here’s Ursula bear enjoying some snow digging. You’ll see her digging a little bit, pausing because she hears something, or perhaps to craft a snow inspired poem like Robert Frost, and then continue digging.

And here’s a good shot of the snow covered boardwalk and icy wetlands:

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