A morning in ETW

Sherry is always trying to remind me to take the camera out with me in the morning before heading to Explore the Wild. After all, you never know what sorts of interesting things you could find to blog about!  Well, a couple of Thursdays ago, I finally remembered to take the camera! So this is what mine and Mikey’s morning looked like…

It started with one of our vehicles being broken, so we had to share a vehicle with the farmyard keeper that morning. While Mikey and I were waiting for Jill to get set up in the farmyard and come pick us up and take us to ETW, we decided to pass the time with some pictures.

All of the stuff you see with Mikey is needed for cleaning, feeding and enriching the Explore The Wild animals.

Once we got to ETW and checked on all our animals and enclosures, we headed back to the wolf exhibit because Mikey wanted to set up his cameras for recording the wolves eating. We recorded the wolves for a couple of mornings to get an idea of their eating habits and make sure the female was getting enough food, and that the male wasn’t eating it all.

Mikey setting up his video to record.

As Kristen mentioned in an earlier post, our female wolf came to us with a very special diet, so we had to switch our male over to this new diet. After Mikey got the cameras ready, he went to work placing the food where he wanted it so that he could get the optimal view of the wolves while they ate.


After we finished putting food out for the wolves, we headed over to the bear house to clean. As always, a few of the bears were in the house to greet us. After we got them into the exhibit, it was time to scoop the holding yards. This is where I found this perfect bear paw impression!

That couldn't be more perfect!

After we cleaned the bear house, we cruised over to clean the lemur house. Mikey went outside to set up the exhibit for the Ringtails, while I headed to the Inside Viewing exhibit for the Red-Ruffeds. While picking up dirty mulch off the floor from the day before, I found this little guy chillin’ in the mulch! The lemur house had just been “super cleaned” the day before, so all the mulch was brand new. He must have been a stow-away in one of the mulch bags! I scooped him up and put him outside before letting the lemurs up.

So, I guess Sherry was right: you never know what you might come across that is worth blogging about. There’s always something funny or different to be found with this job!

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  1. Sherry Samuels says:

    Thanks for taking the camera!
    I love when you all find frogs out and about. One of my favorite ‘frog spottings’ was when Kristen saw one in the lemur yard. Check out the post below- it’s worth it.


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