QuikPost: This evening’s enrichment

It’s around 6 PM and I just finished checking on Carolina Wildlife animals. The opossums and woodchuck had “toys” for their evening enrichment. It seems like gas cans with large holes drilled in them were the items of choice. You can see the opossums sleeping a few feet to the left of their can. I am not sure what scents or food the keepers may have put in the can- I’ll have to check in with them tomorrow to see.

There are numerous holes in each can, each maybe 2 or 3 inches in diameter. There’s so much that can be done with an enrichment item like this! (I’m sure the opossums will wake up and have fun with their item overnight and it will not just be standing in the same place in the morning…)

I looked right next door and see that the woodchuck has a blue can, with similar holes in it. He is not sleeping next to his can! He’s inside his can!!!

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