The Plot Thickens…

Scout seems to have overheard Lightning and Max plotting a few months back and Lightning and Auggie, too! It’s time for some investigation into what all the fuss is about.

Max and Ducky

What do you think all the chatter is about? Maybe our former interns were right, it is all about the sheep.

4 responses to The Plot Thickens…

  1. Wendy says:

    Scout: “I’m just glad cows don’t fly. Hahahahahaha”

    Max: “You really quack me up.”

  2. Ranger Greg says:

    It absolutely has to be about the sheep and, of course, the Alpacas. Exactly what they’re saying I can’t know but it’s probably something that they don’t want the sheep to know. Have you noticed any of the other animals talking to the sheep lately?

  3. juliann says:

    Just received a female 3 year old domestic bred ring tail lemur. How do I know when she is in season via behavior and physical signs? Do females make a constant purring sound during this or any other circumstances? She was parent raised for the first 8 months.
    thanks for any input…i have experience with prosimians but not this species

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