Last week’s snow

It’s been so busy I haven’t had time to share photos with you. Some places at the Museum had as much as 3 inches of snow, and we were closed on Wednesday. Aaron and I noticed lots of tracks in the snow in the wolf yard. Sorry, no photos as I couldn’t hold a camera, broom, pool skimmer (to break the ice and remove it from the pool), food, and bucket.   All the bears were in their usual winter Read more

Quick Pic: Be Careful What You Wish For

During the winter, when the keepers in the Animal Department are working outside in the cold weather, snow, and ice, you might hear someone say “I can’t wait for the warmer weather!” Well, now that we are in the heat of summer those cold days may seem a little more bearable! Here’s Keeper Sarah working to knock snow off the electric fence that surrounds the bear yard. If the snow is not kept off the fence, it could short out,Read more

Now I know why Christmas was so easy…

Christmas was a breeze, and now I know why- SNOW!!!!!! A bummer for me on my day off to be at the Museum, again, at 5:30 AM. The snow is beautiful, but it makes for quite the day of work. Kimberly and Sarah made it in to work- thank goodness. We’re closed today as it is not safe for guests to be on grounds until we can clear the paths. Yona was playing around in the snow. By the time I got closeRead more

QuikPost: Snow Day

We were too busy today dealing with the ice, snow, sleet, and rain to take photos. Jim, our Landscape Director, got this pretty shot of the bear waterfall. It reminds me of some photos that ranger Greg took last year when it was COLD- take a look!Read more

Quik Post: Snow days

Today was the first snowfall that Durham has seen this year. While out in Explore the Wild, I snapped this shot of the bears eating. The lemurs watched the snow fall out of their exhibit window and Max, our steer managed to frolic around in it.Read more