Rubber donkey you’re the one…

Just a quick post to show you a donkey dust bath. Lightning the donkey gets to go on a walk in the mornings before the museum opens. One of his favorite things to do while out is to scrape up some stone dust and roll around in it. Lots of mammals take dust baths to add to a layer fine grit to their coats. The powdery material is irritating to small insects and thus cuts down on the annoying flies that are around in the summer.

If you listen to the soundtrack you may notice several sounds. Two of our farmyard birds are vocalizing (Ozzie the Turkey and the Dominique Rooster). You can hear one of our volunteers, Maria, announcing Lightning’s roll. Also you might catch a radio call from Keeper Jill announcing that she has locked bear doors, which is a safety procedure we use in the Animal Department.

2 responses to Rubber donkey you’re the one…

  1. j. mcvicker says:

    Lightning really is a great donkey. I tend to be great with animals but this is the first donkey who’s ever played with me. He was eating in the stall and for him to get acquainted with me I first gave him a good rubbing on his back. He eventually wandered outside and there I told him to go get his ball. He finally understood me and got it and we played tug for a little, he doesn’t like that much. But what he really enjoys is while we’re both holding his ball, we run to one side of the enclosure. Then I let go and we ran back the other way while he brought the ball back. We played this way several times and Lightning was very happy. He even let me have the ball once and we played fetch. :)I love Lightning.

  2. Larry says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed your interaction with Lightning, he is quite the character! Just be careful because he also likes to nibble on you now and then.

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