Alligators on their way

Larry should be on his way to Florida right now with the ‘gators. They should reach home (they were on loan to us) around 3:00 this afternoon. That’s them stacked on top of each other in four under-bed storage containers. We label each container, secure them with additional duct tape and wedge them in the van so they won’t move too much, When Kent and I were packing them up this morning, around 5:00, one of them actually “chirped”. We were both shocked, as these alligators should have grown out of this as it is something only babies do – they chirp for their mom (crocodilians are the only reptiles that exhibit what humans would call some sort of parental care. It’s really interesting, but that’s another post).

I made sure I put my camera in my pocket last night so I would have a photo to show you. Someone commented in my post “I’m home sick” that they wanted to see a photo. I can only assume that you meant of my cat throwing up hairballs (rather than me lying sick in bed) so here he is. You’ll have to wait to see a photo of my other cat- this one’s big brother (my 20 pounder).

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  1. Jill says:

    Sherry, That was me (Jill) that felt the need to ask for pictures.You know how detail oriented I am .

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