Virginia Bear Update, Post #1

I mentioned the end of November that we would have a series of posts about Virginia’s health condition, her recent challenges, and her trip offsite for diagnostics. I’ll set the stage today for what’s to come in the blog posts BACKGROUND: how did we get to today. TRANSPORT: how do you get a bear that won’t come down the cliff to the house, and then, how do you get her offsite for her medical appointment. PEOPLE: just how many peopleRead more

Tortoise Physicals Complete

Our radiated tortoises got a clean bill of health during their physicals this year. They have moved inside for the winter, and that’s where all the pictures below were taken. When warm enough, they will head outside again, but for now, you can come see them in the Indoor Viewing area on the Lemur Deck.Read more

Virginia Bear Update: laser and more

Readers know Virginia has extensive osteoarthritis. She receives multiple medicines and laser treatments to help. Some photos (and video) below. We’ll be doing a series of posts in December about Virginia’s recent challenges, and her trip to the NCSU Vet School for a CT scan.      Read more


Hope everyone got to give thanks yesterday. I had a few virtual family gatherings, and one outdoor distanced meal with the kids, before coming in to check on the animals and give evening meds. If you’ve read previous blog posts, gratitude is a theme– especially in pandemic times. Check out this article on how to practice gratitude. Photos below from some more gifts that arrived from our wish list. THANK YOU GIFT GIVERS! Melissa and Mindy sent most of theRead more

Meet Rob

You’ve already seen Rob in loads of Blog posts. Rob’s been working on our Team as an Animal Care Specialist since September 2019. His chipper, do-what’s-needed (with a smile) attitude make the rest of the team clamor to work with him. He is trusted, honest, wants feedback, and holds himself accountable. Rob is also an excellent listener. He wants to understand what is happening as well as understand other’s viewpoints. In this day and age, listening to each other isRead more

Saturday thank you…

We had a few scheduling challenges today, so I came in to help a bit, and asked some others to as well. Here are my thank yous from the day. First, the non-humans, then, the human helpers. Thank you Dallas for being ready in the chute… you did not need to be ready but thank you anyway. Thank you Duckie for laying eggs today   Now, for the people. Volunteer Alayna started with us in September. We called in someRead more